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For a more inclusive Asia

Part of the World Social Label Institute 
Care to Change the World

ASSL Philosophy An introduction

Regardless of social status, everyone should be given the right to develop him or herself into the best version possible. Given the differences in culture and welfare through Asia this is no small goal to archieve but with the concepts and platforms created at the European Social Label it will be an easy task to adapt to each regions cultures. The Asian Social Label will be built on the same thesis as European Social Label, meaning it is the small and medium enterprises that will drive change forward. With change comes reactions and here the Asian Social Label will provide education and use the foundation, EUSL Foundation, to give to those who need it.

ASSL Group

ASSL Group is one of four subdivisions in the Asian Social Label. Much of it will be local adaptions of the EUSL Group, which is the engine that drives everything associated with the organization on a large scale. Here are the thematic concepts on how we solve Asia’s exclusion problems, with everything from education to business creation and much more.¬†

Asia a diverse continent

The biggest challenge here is also the most obvious: The diversness of Asia. Its a beautiful continent with deep history, nature and being home to some of the most developed countries in the world. But its also home for countries with overpopulation, lack of tolerance between cultures and religions and the differences between rich and poor are at times on the extreme. The Asian Social Label division loves the challenge though and the goal is as with all the other divisions: To create a better and more inclusive society, regardless of who we are. Our road into Asia starts in the European Union and will take us, country by country, deeper into Asia until we end up on the other side. The concepts should at least in theory be easily adapted to each country and region in Asia. They were created to be fluent and adaptable for any situation. This is, perhaps, the result so far we are most proud of!



Care to Change the World

The World Social Label is the driving force of the Asian Social Label. Its main purpose is to connect the four subdivisions together so they can learn from each other and grow together. The World Social Label is based in Sweden, together with the European Social Label. From here the work is day and night to provide a more inclusive society for everyone.